Don't just do it, do it well.

STATEMENT // My paintings are an exercise in spontaneity and creativity. I am attracted to individual objects often over-looked by others. I value the objects and their ability to provoke unexpected thoughts and emotional reactions. Creating the piece is only the beginning of the process. The painting is not complete until it has been seen by the intended audience.

In the past few years I have had many solo shows in alternative-spaces and galleries around the Northwest. My work has been included in many group shows and retail shops around the country, from Baltimore and Birmingham to Miami and San Francisco. I have been commissioned by many private and corporate clients, including Starbucks and Nordstrom.

PHILOSOPHY // My philosophy is simple: Move fast, keep going, never slow down. I create what feels right. I don't know the rules, so of course that makes it even easier to break them. Rules are bad! Colors are meant to go together, meant to clash, meant to make a statement. Lines should be drawn by a hand, not by a machine. If the finished work is not what I expected, it's a success. It's that simple.

INSPIRATION // Picasso / Gunther Gerzso / T+B / Rem Koolhaas / Johnny Cash / Basquiat / mistakes / birds / figures / cows / chairs / bikes / trikes / Maine / bratwurst / mud / outdoors / antiques / road trips / Crayons / old photos / street signs / stamps / scribbling / foreign currency / sushi / cream puffs / Boeing Surplus / wax / gnomes / snow / MTSH / wood / rust / spring rolls

QUOTE // Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something. Thomas A. Edison

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